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1. Credit Card / Visa / MasterCard / JCB Card
You need to pay from your Credit Card / Visa / MasterCard / JCB Card to Western Union, you can do this online! Western union company is the biggest, fastest and best international payment company in the world. The website
Receiver's First name (Given name): 
Receiver's Second Name: (Last name or Family name):
Address: PuTian City, FuJian Province, China
When you finish the payment, please must provide us:
1,MTCN (Money Transfer Control Number)
2,Sender's full name
3,Currency and amount;
4, Payment sent from which country
We can't take credit card without though Western Union.
2. CASH via Western Union
You can pay by cash to Western Union too. Go to the Western Union agents nearby. It is easy to find. You can  to find the post office and bank close to you.
Our payment information is the same as the above receiver.
Quick links to your country's Western Union pages:
USA 800-325-6000,                Canada 800-325-6000,   
UK 800-833-833,                    Australia 800-889-872,            
France 800-903-022,              Germany 180-1818-123,     
Greece 302-106-073-000,      Ireland 3531-4591-133, 
Denmark 453-3218-200,        Austria 4313-1313-1063,  
Belgium 322-221-1111,          Norway 476-394-2880,  
Israel 9722-6290-627            Singapore 1800-222-5777   
Japan 8135-6654-200            Sweden  4687-822-040
3. Money Gram
Our payment information is the same as the above receiver.
After the payment has been made, please send us:
1,Reference number; 2,Sender's full name; 3,Currency and amount.
4. Moneybookers --Cheapest for buyer!
Moneybookers, the cheapest and most convenient payment methods. With an email address, send money worldwide. please visit to know more information.
Easy-to-use gateway interface enabling businesses and individuals to sell/buy goods and services over the Internet safely and securely.
Accept Credit Card and bank transfer,immediately received!
5. Bank Transfer
We will inform you by Email once your order is placed.